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“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” Frida Kahlo

Artist Statement - 2020
Richard Feinman

Objective: To visually explore creativity through my subconscious and absolute realities; to expand existing knowledge on consciousness and creativity from an artistic point of view based upon my documentation, experiments and exploration into my own work; to discover ways to create art on an advanced level of thinking.

Brief Background
Richard is an American artist living in China for over 16 years he works professionally since 1995. His work has been collected and exhibited throughout the world. He graduated from Kent State University (USA) with a BA in Fine Art - Painting (1995) and achieved his MA degree in Exhibition Design from the University of N. London (2002). Rick continues to explore experiment and justify his journey into creativity producing artwork in various mediums such as: painting, drawing, multimedia, video, writing and more recently mixed media textiles. He is currently developing a new form of art movement based upon awakening the subconscious. The initiative is to expand, enrich and cultivate art practice by exploring ways to visually combine phenomenal qualities of experiences with thought processes of your absolute reality.

My contribution to knowledge in the understanding of art practice can be achieved through the awakening of one’s subconscious I call this state of existence “Surreality”. Surreality is like an autobiography of one’s “absolute reality” based on the subconscious of the artist, manipulated by the artist (written explanation or title) then interpreted subconsciously by the viewer. Because art is personal and individual; individual to the artist; personal to the viewer or vice versa this determines how the work is experienced by each based upon their own subconscious interpretations.

By exploring the creative process and subconscious thought I am able to visually interpret my consciousness or my absolute reality or “Surreality” - learning how to cultivate memory, feelings, emotions, conversations and experience from the past and present to develop my work. Non-existent to any boundaries producing art that is pure, true and individual to myself and my absolute reality.

Dialogue - Synthetic and Analytical Surreality
My initiative is to expand, enrich and cultivate art practice by exploring ways to visually combine phenomenal qualities of qualia (personal experiences) with thought processes of Surreality to form visual processes linking dialogue between subconscious and self. The dialogue is based on my sub- conscious (1) experience (2) instinctive art practice (3) feeling, sensation and emotion (4) interpretation / manipulation and (5) nostalgia.

This is achieved by constructing / deconstructing qualia from my subconscious and to articulate each by visually fabricating (sewing) a new canvas on top of the original and / or by tearing away the original canvas to reveal an older layer of canvas underneath. Each canvas constructed (Synthetic Surreality) and deconstructed (Analytic Surreality) represents a subconscious thought. When these thoughts or inner voices are coexistent they begin to produce a dialogue.

The idea of dialogue through my subconscious thought patterns and qualia becomes the premise of my work. It began by combining two figure drawings together to form a new (third) figure. These were sewn together on the canvas without adding or subtracting canvas.  Then I began deconstructing the original canvas to reveal another canvas and adding canvas to the original revealing multiple layers. This approach to creativity supports a new way to produce art on an advanced level of thinking often painting the front and the back of the canvas at the same time and adding and subtracting canvas.

Recent Work
As my work progressed I continued my exploration into Surreality and dialogue by using figurative gestural drawings from real models. I minimized them by losing arms, legs, head and face to create a simple motif. I then flip it over to produce a symmetrical version of the motif often overlapping the first one thus creating a second and third motif or identity - I sometimes add completely new motifs on top of or below the original ones instead of the symmetrical equivalent.  Each motif is has an “inner voice” that start to form the dialogue.

I am not concerned with perfectly symmetrical motifs in fact I like for them to be off so that it creates additional interest in the work. I believe work should be “high quality” but the art of imperfection, process should be relevant in the work.

I resume my exploration into my subconscious and I begin to lose boundaries of creating art and replacing them with spontaneity, nostalgia and instinctive practice creating absolute freedom to pursue my subconscious. I start to gather various random materials such as masks, army men, mirror, etc. that seem to interest me at the time that I may or may not use in future work. Using Synthetic Sur- reality I start to add materials to the dialogue to create a new layer of consciousness. The painted masks changed into producing casts of my own face to put into my work.

Working within my subconscious or Surreality but having no boundaries this series of work with undertones of complexity in visual dialogue and layers of thought, becomes playful and fun, labeled “New POP”. More complex than Pop Art and New POP doesn’t copy already applied Pop Art concepts.

In Final
Like a mirror my work reflects the subconscious guided by my introspection. I work and think on a progressive level of art making. I use my research on states of consciousness, absolute realities, ways of seeing / thinking and the creative process to develop my work towards an advanced level of understanding oneself forming a connection between my subconscious, me and the work itself. Initiating creativity with individual purpose and meaning to determine who I am as an artist and why do I create, developing a way of producing art that is non-restrictive with no boundaries only deconstructed (Analytical Surreality) and constructed (Synthetic Surreality) thoughts, ideas and conversations. Constructing / deconstructing information (visually and verbally) from my subconscious and articulate it through layers of intrinsic based input (feeling and emotion) creating a visual spectrum of expression - stripping away layers of “self” to reveal an absolute self.

“To describe my painting is a visual essence of my inner self.  If I were to rip away my body my soul
becomes the reflection and colour of my work expressed in layers of paint and mixed media.” RF

My art evolves according to who I am from my environment to things that influence me.  Subconscious variables are perceived, observed, experienced, dreamed and felt. They are often stored for days, weeks, years, decades and can be triggered by various happenings throughout my life. Exploration, experimentation, expression, communication and interpretation all play a part in the creative process. It is a journey into life and soul of the artist.

My powerful impetus and ambition comes from the joy of painting and self-discovery continuing to expand and examine my state of consciousness and life experience that progresses towards a kind of spiritual simplification and an intellectually simplification of my work. Conflicts become relation- ships; line, shape and colour become friends, and opposite colours become harmonies.

Happy Painting!

August 2020

Seven Traditional Art Influences:
1. Vincent Van Gogh – Series work on trees and flowers, texture & brushwork,
colour, thought process.
2.  Paul Gauguin – Tahitian figurative work; colour, compositions
3. Egon Schiele - Figurative Drawing
4.  Andy Warhol – Variations in colour quality of the screen printing process
5. Piet Mondrian - Early painting and the complexity and simplification of later
6. Wassily Kandinsky - Pioneer of pure thought and emotion in abstract art - artistic and spiritual theorist
7.  Pablo Picasso – Shape and form

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