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Another day older
For it is a special day – my Birthday
Hair already fell out
No need for a comb
Have pure white hairs in my beard now
Started grooming hairs from my ears and nose.
Plick, pluck
They never seem to stop growing.
I never stop growing
Growing shorter
Growing fatter
Growing smarter
Growing wiser
Wiser for the time
My eyeball fell out the other day
Caught it
Put it back in.
Still have my sight
Still have my Stamina – like a bull
I am a Taurus after all
It is a Happy day
Happy hour
Nurse my ego (as an artist)
Raise your glasses
As friends
As strangers
As freaks
And toast
Clickety, clank
To everybody’s birthday
To everybody’s birthday today
To my birthday
Life is too short to worry about tomorrow
That is another day
Poem written for my Birthday Celebration

May 18, 2013